About Us

   We invite you to visit Healing Oasis, to experience the loving energy vibrations within our walls. You will immediately feel the at home atmosphere and a sense of relaxation, as you enter the space. It is our hope that all who enter here will feel the presence of love, joy, peace and harmony; and that you will find this center a place of giving and receiving of all that is good.  We are David and Beverly Lucas, we set out years ago with an intention to help raise the vibration of the planet, one soul at at time.


   We designed a unique OASIS, offering many modalities of healing for the whole self. David is a unique therapist ready to help release your body aches and tensions with Swedish and deep tissue massage.

    Our detoxification programs include:   The far infrared sauna, and the ionic detox foot bath.  Halo-therapy, in the Sunset Beach Breath Room increases your oxygen levels as well as a reducing stress levels and improving your over all well being.  Energy clearing, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy play a big role in our Whole-body healing approach, performed by a Beverly Lucas, an intuitive healer with over 15 years experience in energy healing. Visit us at www.healingoasisllc.com  and also at www.sunsetbeachbreathroom.com


    Our newest addition of the Stargate Tachyon Energy Chamber, is we believe to be our greatest gift to the community and to the healing of our planet.  There are only 7 Tachyon Healing Chambers in the USA, a number in Europe and Asia as well as 1 Chamber in Australia.  We are proud to be the 2nd on the East Coast. We look forward to servicing you as well as become superconductors of this divine energy along side you.


Beverly and David Lucas

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