Stargate Charleston

Tachyon Energy Chamber 

For Soul Therapy

The Star Gate Chamber of West Ashley houses a 7 foot meditation pyramid built to a precise 51 degree angle,  50 minutes and 90 seconds, the sacred geometry  found in the Great Pyramid; the pyramid is made of  noble metals and its power is charged with special man-made tachyonized crystals. These man made crystals,  are grown in lab using silica, they  have worm-hole advanced technology inside them that acts as conduits for the tachyon energy particles to enter from outer space. 

A combination of sacred geometry, and noble metals concentrate the  tachyon particles into a healing modality for biologic tissue. 

A must to experience, a must to repeat !!!!


What Is A Tachyon Chamber

      The Tachyon Chamber is a unique place where the energy of Tachyon Particles are concentrated in such a way causing the entire room to emit Tachyon energy at very high levels. Tachyons are faster than light particles that have a profound effect on the human body, energy field, emotions as well as the mental and spiritual makeup of a person. Tachyon works directly with your DNA to repair and upgrade the body's temple,  naturally balancing and aligning the chakras and meridians. 


    Only one individual at a time will relax back in a zero gravity chair under the seven foot pyramid, soaking in the subatomic tachyon particles.  The experience is so powerful it is recommended to only stay in the chamber for approximately 20 minutes for the first few times. However it is safe to be in the Chamber over a period of several days, at 20 -30 minutes sessions. (the limited time is due to its powerful detoxification on both the physical and emotional planes) 


     The human brain already has the receptors within it to allow us to receive these energy particles. However those areas, (ie. pineal gland and pituitary gland) of the brain in the majority of all persons does not operate at efficient levels. Consistently absorbing the Tachyon Particles into our system helps the healing processes to happen so that we can rewire our circuitry and become super conductors of this energy.


    Many individuals have out of body and or spiritual experiences, however it is different for each individual.

Tachyon particles decreases entropy of physical matter and is said to slow the aging process and strengthen the immune system. 



       For the majority of persons, there are no side effects, other than a wonderful sense of well-being. We find individuals who  are ultra sensitive, or those who are perhaps in a state of chronic illness, may experience some mild detoxifying effects.  If you find you are a bit uncomfortable, simply start slow with your exposure to the high energy fields. Remember, it is your imbalances that the Tachyons are re-adjusting into a positive, harmonic field. Soon you will find that your body will quickly adjust ​and you will begin to 'crave' tachyon. 


      Some find Tachyon gives them the deepest sleep they've ever had - with powerful dreams. Another person may find the tachyon invigorates their mind and may find it harder to get to sleep. Tachyon works to bring about the best and highest good for each individual person's makeup.

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